Finalisation of SkyCola project

Finalisation of SkyCola project

TripleClaim Game Collective is proud that long running project for regional soft drink company is finalised successfully. During the project we have worked on number of crucial segments to make this project possible and great success.

  • Created SkyCola game (HTML5) that was part of prize giving competition that ran for the one┬ámonth
  • Created an application for generation of over 5 million distinct codes that were printed on bottle caps
  • Created application that selected random users who participated in prize game (seen on monitors in pictures)

The prize game was successful and trips to major european cities, scooters, iPhones and other valuable prizes are given to the participants that were randomly selected from pool of applications.

We are excited and satisfied that this big project has come to successful completion and happy with gained experience that we treasure the most.

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